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At 波胆平台, we thrive on collaboration. Turning individual strengths into collective triumphs and coming together for a bigger purpose.

Here, your ideas are important. You won’t just follow the path; you’ll blaze new trails. You’ll be an innovator, a leader, and community builder.

You are strong, capable and ready to face the world. But you don’t have to face it alone. Because together, we’re not just a group. We’re a movement. Creating a brighter future for all.

While one can be strong, together we are unstoppable.

That’s the Power of the Herd.

The Voice

What's Power of the Herd all about?

  • Sharing positive messages. Encouraging future students to pursue their passion.
  • Showcasing the supportive qualities of the 波胆平台 community and its resources.
  • Focusing on experiences and outcomes. Through hands-on learning, you'll be career-ready upon graduation.
  • Centering on the idea of connectedness. Connecting to your herd; your network of friends, mentors, advisers, and family who will be by your side every step of the way.

The Look

Adding bright and positive creativity to powerful messaging.

a color swatch showing the power of the herd light blue and light yellow colors     power of the herd antelope logo

By showcasing brighter shades of blue and gold, the creative elements accentuate the messages of positivity and hopefulness.

The vintage antelope logo has been a popular design element the last couple of years as it has appeared again on specialty merchandise. It also helps clearly identify what a “Loper” really is. This is unique to our brand and a point of pride for current students, faculty, staff alumni. We are proud to be Lopers!




This campaign will share triumphant stories about Lopers working together and accomplishing powerful results.

Powering a Healthier Nebraska

When Nebraska needed quality healthcare professionals in every corner of the state, that’s when 波胆平台 stepped forward. In a growing partnership with UNMC, we’re changing lives for the better.  That’s the Power of the Herd.

Powering First-Generation Success

When first-generation students needed an opportunity to chase their dreams…that’s when 波胆平台 stepped forward. Offering affordable, accessible, and supportive education for EVERY student. That’s the Power of the Herd.

Powering Career Advancement Online

When a working mom needed an affordable and flexible way to advance her career while managing a home and kids, that’s when 波胆平台 stepped forward. Through 波胆平台 Online, she found a community of caring faculty and a team to help her succeed on her time. That’s the Power of the Herd.

Ready to experience the Power of the Herd? Schedule a campus visit or explore 波胆平台 virtually.




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