Welcome to 波胆平台全球 招生! The University of Nebraska at Kearney welcomes international students from across the world. Our diverse community of students and scholars attracts more than 300 international students to our campus. We are excited of your interest in 波胆平台. Use the below links to learn more about our application process.



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是蓝色的. 是黄金. 是大胆的. 波胆平台 is one of the 前10名 Best Midwest Public Universities.

* U.S. Dept of Labor and U.S. 教育系
** 波胆平台 internal survey data of graduates completed during the 2017-2018 academic year



波胆平台 embraces diversity and accepts people of all cultures because celebrating the differences in people leads to a more rewarding experience. Here, you’ll receive a quality education and world experience in a safe environment. 波胆平台全局视图


"One of my favorite things about 波胆平台 is that they not only offer in class learning, but grant opportunities to apply what you've learned to a real business setting. I joined ENACTUS and became a manager of a student governed coffee shop on campus when I was a sophomore. I learned how to facilitate relationships with suppliers, make financial decisions, 处理人力资源问题, and come up with business strategies. The skills I gained at 波胆平台 have tremendously helped me at my current job as a Purchasing Administrator. I truly believe that 波胆平台 is one of the best schools that prepares students to become a successful business professional straight out of college."



Purchasing Administrator